Of all of Major League WTF? stories we’ve ran this year, one particular story seems to top the list among all of the other contenders for sheer outrageousness. The winning story this year goes to Dr. Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey, a top scientist at the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia, who was arrested on bizarre sex charges for allegedly having sex with two of her dogs and inviting a six year boy over to her home to spank her while using a sex toy on her. The story was an unbelievable and disgustingly bizarre turn of events for a top expert in counterbioterrorism and other important CDC work.

Just what in heck inspires a brilliant scientist to decide to have sex with the family dog, and then have her boyfriend photograph her depraved sexual impulses. Likewise, why in heck invite some small neighbor boy over to spank her bare bottom while using a sex toy on her? This is weird, sick and twisted and illegal on a few levels. If she wants her boyfriend to get kinky with her, that’s one thing. He can probably also spank her a lot better than a small boy, if she needs that sort of thing,

Of all of the weird news stories this year, this story just seems to stick out from the pack. Oh sure, there’s the guy that cross-dressed just to rob a McDonald’s that got shot to death by a federal marshal who just happened to be eating there at the time and other wacky news stories this year. But, there’s got to be a special place in Hell for sick women who make love to the family pooch or have 1st grader kids come to their home just to spank them and then dildo them. You’d also think that anyone involved in disease research would realize that having sex with a dog isn’t the cleanest activity either. Why you can’t have sex without it involving something deeply depraved or degrading is very sad.

Here’s to you, Dr. Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey, for being the sickest and most twisted news story this year. For being as brilliant as you should be, your sex life is dumb, sick and depraved beyond words. God help you.