Russell Brand Files For Divorce From Katy Perry

The modern entertainer dream team marriage of wildly popular British comic actor Russell Brand and pop music icon Katy Perry is ending in divorce. Brand filed papers charging “irreconcilable differences” in the marriage as the cause of the breakdown of this marriage. It should however be noted that rumors exist that Brand just didn’t approve of the late night party ways of Katy Perry after he personally spent time in therapy for for both drug and sex addiction problems. There are also some rumors that Katy Perry was really the one wanting to end the marriage, however her religious upbringing caused her to seek that brand would file the papers ending the marriage instead of her. Both, were recently photographed in public minus their wedding rings, strongly suggesting that this divorce was hardly a surprise to either party, but carefully planned ahead of time with both parties out of the country at the time. The papers were filed in Los Angeles court.

Their isn’t any children involved in this short 14 month marriage, and it is highly possible that both had some sort of prenup papers, meaning that this divorce may be very simple in the courts and hardly involve any major disputes. This might signify a clean and easy break for these two.

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