Jello Shots Recipe for Your New Years Party!

Nothing says Happy New Year like not being able to remember how you brought in the New Year! That’s where concoctions like jello shots come in. Not only are they colorful and festive, they are a ton of fun. You usually put them in shot glasses or even giant syringes. However, I’ve found that tiny plastic cups work well since sometimes you have to squeeze the cup to get all the goodness in one slam.

jello shots

Jello Shots Serving Suggestion

Jello Shots serving suggestion

Jello shots are a definite crowd pleaser. They are easy to make, colorful and taste good and help get the party going. You can make them in all sorts of variations from the type of Jell-o you use to the type of alcohol you use. Of course, Vodka mixes with just about anything, but there are a lot of combinations that work. Use your imagination and come up with something everyone will enjoy for your New Year’s party. In fact, you might want to taste test a few combinations to see what you like best! Ha!

Here is a very basic recipe:


  • 3 oz Jell-O (any flavor)
  • 6 oz water
  • 6 oz vodka


  • Make gelatin according to package instructions
  • Stir in liquor.
  • Refrigerate until cool.
  • Pour into shot glasses or whatever you are going to serve the jello shots in
  • Refrigerate until the liquid sets. (At least 2 hours, but overnight refrigeration is recommended)
  • Serve cold.

I recommend you try different flavors of Jell-o if for no other reason than to have different colors in the shot glasses for the party. You can use cherry Jell-O with Crème de cacao for a chocolatey cherry flavor (even add a cherry on top if you want to be really fancy). Try orange Jell-O with Amereto for a cream

Whatever you decide, it will be a party pleaser!

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