What an unbelievable sequel to the highly controversial original film, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE, this film is. Shot in B&W, converted from color footage, this British-Dutch horror film is a real masterwork of the macabre. While offering up little in way of dialog beyond many moans and screams for the most, this film acts as a very morbid chronicle of the sick and twisted fascinations of a very strange little overweight and mentally ill parking lot attendant, Martin Lomax(played by British character actor Laurence R. Harvey). Lomax is a deeply disturbed fan the original HUMAN CENTIPEDE film who plays the film over and over, and even becomes sexually aroused at the film. He begins a terrible task of gathering victims to construct a crudely fashioned version of the centipede creation from the first film.

Being shot in B&W, with British characters helps to give this deeply disturbing film a very classic look. I personally love B&W, and consider many great movies shot in B&W to be real masterpieces. And as far as macabre crime stories go, this second episode in THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE series is so deeply outrageous that it ranks as a true classic of horror filmmaking. This film goes places that the old Universal and Hammer horror films never dare to tread. I don’t want to spoil the shock value with too many details here. But this film just shocks beyond belief. It’s almost pornographically horrible. in fact, in the UK, the film was only allowed to be shown in the country after 32 edits were made in the film.

The Bottom Line: A truly shocking and outrageous horror film with a real classic look thanks to the clever use of B&W film. ***(Three Stars, Good. Buy or rent this only if you truly love horror films. Everyone else will be repelled by this deeply gruesome and film).

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