Hidden among many popular favorites at the video store is this little overlooked gem, A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE. Shot almost in a matter of fact documentary style, it traces the parallel lives of a woman who once had a relationship with s serial killer, but later helped to put him away in prison after their relationship went bust and the serial killer’s escape from prison while being transported by police. The woman has since fallen into alcoholism because of all the psychological trauma brought on her life and is now attending alcoholic recovery meetings.

Another shocking turn of events is a small group of twisted groupie fans of the serial killer which only help to add another frightening layer dimension to this very unsettling crime story.

This little gem has been nominated for major awards at the Fantastic Fest, including Best Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Actress. The film debuted at the Toronto Film Festival and manages to blur the lines between a gritty crime drama and a horror film, with it’s terrifying examples of sadistic violence.

The Bottom Line: A true overlooked gem of a film. Very fine filmmaking and storytelling combined with very credible acting make this a great little film sure not to disappoint. ***(Three Stars, Good. Definitely buy or rent this fine film).

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  • bludcrimson

    Yup I’m done visiting this site. I only used it as a portal to Drunken Stepfather. But this movie (yes I use redbox too) sucked. And if you think this is good your taste is in your ass. Horrible low budget shlock. Horrible acting. Horrible way to kill a buck. Long and boring.