Zooey Deschanel Without Make-Up is Adorable! (Photos)

Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel was caught out Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve without any make-up and looked just as adorable as ever. Her skin is great, with or without make-up! She was exuding the holiday spirit dressed all in red from head to toe. Even her fingernails channeled the holiday spirit. The 31-year-old New Girl star definitely doesn’t have anything to hide by caking on make-up. For once we can show you a celebrity without make-up who looks great that way.

Enjoy more Zooey Deschanel photos below.

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  • Bla

    How the hell do you know she’s not wearing any make-up? You cant see her eyes and she could easily be wearing a light foundation, concealer & powder.