Kris Humphries is ‘NBA’s Most Disliked Player’

Kris Humphries

Just this week it seemed that things were starting to get back to normal for Kris Humphries. After all the publicity surrounding his 72-day marriage to reality TV queen Kim Kardashian, he had gotten back in the game, literally. This week he signed an $8 million contract with the New Jersey nicks a week ago. He’s also been talking about how much he liked his bachelor pad in New Jersey. Things started going south for him when he got booed booed by Knicks fans on court at Madison Square Garden. They got worse when he was named ‘NBA’s Most Disliked Player’ by Forbes Magazine.

It seems having been married to Kim Kardashian for about 15 minutes wasn’t enough pain for the 26-year-old basketball player to have had to endure. Now he’s got to suffer being more disliked than the likes of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. According to the Forbes survey, his sudden surge to the top of their Most Disliked list is all about his ‘marriage’ to Kim Kardashian. His pre-nup keeps him from being able to talk about the marriage while Kim has her reality show, ‘Kourtney & Kim Take New York’ to edit footage their brief relationship to present herself in the best possible light (and him in the worst).

So there you go.

I’m guessing he’ll weather this as long as he keeps winning and eventually Kim and the Kardashians will move on to other things besides what happened to ‘poor Kim’s marriage’. There’s also sure to be another celebrity train wreck pretty soon that will take everybody’s minds off that ill-fated relationship. There always is and always will be another juicy story just around the corner. So hang in there Kris Humphries, somebody else will be hated more than you before long.

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