Newt Gingrich Fails To Make Primary Ballot In Home State

Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich sure got a big lump of coal for Christmas from his home state or residency, Virginia, when he failed to make the ballot because of some state election rule regarding 10,000 valid signatures required to make the ballot. For the same reason, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas also was slighted here as well. It had to be an incredible blow to Gingrich who has declared Virginia as home for the last decade since quiting Congress. Gingrich’s campaign organizers submitted 11, 050 signatures to state election officials, however enough of the signatures appeared to be either duplicate signatures or else invalid, so election officials denied his spot on the ballot.

Likely, Gingrich will have to appeal the process and attempt to gain a spot on the ballot, otherwise he is denied a spot on his home state ballot on the critical Super Tuesday voting,

The simply unbelievable decision by state election officials had to be a huge disappointment by the two major candidates for president denied ballot status because of crazy state rules that don’t just automatically include all major candidates on the ballot for public office by the Virginia Secretary Of State’s office. However, Gingrich’s campaign director, Michael Krull, did make an unhelpful confounding remark comparing the surprise move by Virginia election officials to the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. We both understand what he means, and don’t understand what he means.

Gingrich’s campaign is likely to launch a write-in campaign or explore other legal options. In a close election campaign, a handful of delegates here or there may spell the difference for the winning ultimate party nominee.

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