Clint Eastwood Feels Lucky with a New Reality Show

I love reality shows. In fact, I don’t limit myself to just some of them. While I still have eyeballs, I will watch them. Basketball Wives? Sure, why not? Even if there’s only like one actual basketball wife, I will still be watching. Kourtney and Kim Take on Some Random City Where they Have a Crappy Clothing Store? Yes, I’ll be there too.

So I don’t discriminate when it comes to realistic television shows. In fact, I’ve already set my DVR to record the newest reality show that’s currently in production about Clint Eastwood’s family. Yes, you heard me right. Clint Eastwood, the sultan of squint has actually agreed to allow cameras to follow his current wife, Dina Ruiz Eastwood, their daughter, Morgan, and Clint’s 18-year old daughter, Francesca, who just happens to be an aspiring actress. For the most part, it will follow around Dina and watch her relationship with their children while Clint will make token appearances. Given the fact that he’s 81-years-old, (81!!) he’ll probably just buzz in and out from his AARP meetings and lunches at local all-you-can-eat buffets.

So will you watch something like this, or will you just roll your eyes at “yet another reality show” that’s competing for your viewing time? Here are some reasons why you should consider watching it.

  • Eastwood is notoriously private – I honestly can’t even believe that he signed off on this. He must either be totally broke or he really wants Francesca to get an acting job. Any acting job.
  • The ‘car crash’ factor is high – This is really the only reason to watch any reality show. I don’t watch Sister Wives to learn how to be a polygamist. I watch to laugh at their fashion sense and to gawk at their lifestyle that I can’t believe is real. The fact that Eastwood has been with more women than Kanye and some of these women have been ridiculously crazy (Sondra Locke, anyone?) means that his personal life has got to be ridiculous as well. Or maybe because he’s older than dirt, it will mostly showcase the two hours it takes for him to unfold himself out of bed in the morning. Either way, classic television.
  • Entitled children = television gold – I don’t know a thing about his two kids, but if they’re reality show worthy, they must be entitled little snots and I am all over that. I will watch anything with Brody Jenner because he’s so clueless and expects everything to be handed to him, that I can’t wait to hand him a punch in the face. Especially now that he’s dating Avril Lavigne. I would watch those two ridiculous people in anything.
  • Production pedigree – The show is being produced by reality powerhouses Bunim/Murray, who are responsible for every Kardashian show ever and classics such as Real World and Road Rules. In other words, they know how to construct a quality narrative that will showcase just how weird this family probably is. And they can make interesting television out of nothing, which could potentially be a problem.

So I’m all in. I can’t wait to see where this show goes. I currently know nothing about Eastwood or his wife, but anyone that can get a movie like Million Dollar Baby to get considered for a Best Picture Oscar definitely knows how to make something ordinary sound and look spectacular. So I’m ready to be wowed. Bring it, Eastwood family. Let’s see what you’ve got. Are you feeling lucky?

Sarah is a regular TV and movie writer at Celebutaunt and can be found on Twitter at @sarahquesera.

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