Rob Schneider Gets New Attempt To Fail At CBS

Rob Schneider is much like everyman. I’d love to see him have success. But, as much as I just love Rob Schneider, his name is hardly often thought of in the same sentence with the word, success. His movies are critically panned, and his TV career has been less than stellar as well. But, Rob’s an incredibly decent man who always tries his best. After, 9/11 he volunteered his time touring with the USO. He cares enough people that they need to give him a chance, although it can be rather painful at times. My favorite quote about Rob Schneider comes from Patrick Goldstein of THE LOS ANGELES TIMES, who sarcastically commented that DEUCE BIGALOW: MALE GiGOLO was overlooked for an Oscar because “nobody had the foresight to invent a category for Best Running Penis Joke Delivered By A Third Rate Comic”. That pretty much sums up the near universal disappointment in former SNL cast member Rob Schneider as an actor and comic by the critics. But, such cutting words sure haven’t deterred him from continuing to act.

Usually, Rob Schneider has operated in the shadow of his friend, Adam Sandler. However, for ROB, his new CBS show, he steps out on his own as a writer for his own show. CBS sort of liked the pilot he offered them when he attempted to make the Fall schedule, but they didn’t like some of the characters and wanted to see some script changes. CBS liked the revamped show enough that they gave ROB a eight show trial as a mid-season replacement in January.

When Rob Schneider’s last show was canceled by NBC, MEN BEHAVING BADLY, he was gracious to have been given the opportunity by the network. Likewise, always being the gentleman, Rob Schneider needs to prepare himself in case this newest gig fails. Let’s all wish him the best this time around. This guy deserves to have something click again. I’ll watch and give him a chance, but I have strong doubts that everyone else will.

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