Jon Bon Jovi is NOT Dead

Jon Bon Jovi NOT Dead

Jon Bon Jovi is NOT dead, even though there are rampant internet reports that he is. In fact, he just posted the above picture of himself with today’s date saying that Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey. In fact, he looks pretty healthy in the picture.

Not only is he alive, but he’s performing tonight.

Its just another celebrity death internet hoax.

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  • Paul Hooson

    Gee Liz, this is good news for Bon Jovi, but not particularly good of news for me, because I have to listen to his crappy music. I think it was that music video back in the 1980’s of the band hanging from wires onstage that brought up an image in my mind that this band was like Led Zeppelin for 10 year olds. To me, Bon Jovi and KISS will always be seen as children’s rock bands in my mind. But, both acts have sold lots of records, as well as forced many parents to take them to their concerts. That’s an important sign of commercial success, but not musical mastery.