AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: The Mainstreaming Of Howard Stern

Piers Morgan will be missed when he exits the panel of judges for this next Summer’s season of AMERICA’s GOT TALENT. But, America should have nothing to fear when controversial pay radio celebrity Howard Stern takes over for Morgan. Howard Stern should be outspoken as usual, but expect him to make the most of this opportunity to look for a mainstream media break, something that he’s missed since the FCC pretty well forced the shock jock off public radio onto the uncensored world of pay per listen satellite radio.

You can expect Howard Stern to be outspoken as usual, but this is actually too big of an opportunity for him to blow. This will be his biggest attempt at breaking into the mainstream market since his great autobiographical film, PRIVATE PARTS. While this show was often funny, it also showed a kinder and gentler Howard Stern at moments who appeared to be a good family man and loyal to his wife. However, since then he has moved on to another love, but seems to be just as loyal to her.

Howard Stern is being paid a reported $20 million dollars, and it’s a golden opportunity to be seen by a wider audience than the lonely exile of satellite radio. Howard Stern is a very shrewd businessman. He knows that this is big break for him as well as the contestants on the show. Expect him to make the most of this opportunity to further market himself.

From his humble roots as a young enterprising boy from Queens, Howard learned what many humble persons did to break out of that cycle of having very little. They need to sell themselves as a commodity to the public, market their talents to get ahead. And judging from his massive success so far, Howard has been a master of this self-marketing. This new opportunity to go mainstream should hold every advantage for Howard.

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