FEAR FACTOR Controversy: Producer Edited Contestant Footage To Suggest Inappropriate Relationship Between Mother And Son

NBC’s return of FEAR FACTOR has already been caught in controversy, and not for some awful stunt the contestants were asked to perform. It appears that the producers of the show may have edited footage of a mother and son competing on the show to suggest that the two may be having an inappropriate relationship with each other.

The producers of the show featured a long hug of the mother and son team after completing a grueling task, and then featured a crude joke by Joe Rogan, “I hug my my every time I see her…..but then I let go”, which seemed to falsely suggest the two have an inappropriate relationship.

The mother, who for now only prefers to go by the name, Monica, is an ex-bodybuilder, is extremely upset at the crude joke as well as the editing job to make the awful suggestion of some inappropriate mother and son relationship, but will probably decline to sue at this time, according to a TMZ report. TMZ also attempted to contact FEAR FACTOR over this incident, but so far hasn’t heard back.

Normally, NBC is really good about keeping in contact with entertainment news sources. Today alone, NBC sent Wizbang Pop two Emails keeping us informed about the latest TV news over at the peacok network. So where’s FEAR FACTOR? What are they afraid of?

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