The Net Worth Of The Presidential Candidates: Which Millionaire Do You Want To Be President?

Mitt Romney created a little bad publicity for himself during Saturday night’s Republican debate in Iowa when he made a $10,000 wager with fellow candidate Rick Perry. But, don’t worry he can afford this wager. You see, Romney is worth an estimated $202 million dollars, and tops the list among the wealthiest candidates running for president this year, all of which are millionaires. The only thing that could spoil this if Donald Trump should run for president as an independent candidate. You see, he’s a billionaire worth an estimated $2.9 billion according Forbes. But, Trump actually claims to be worth $7 billion dollars.

President Obama is actually next up on the list of millionaires running for president, with an estimated net worth of $10.5 million. Last year alone, the Obama family managed to have an income in excess of $5.5 million dollars thanks largely to book royalties. And book royalties figure highly in the net worth of Newt Gingrich as well, who is worth an estimated $6.7 million. Gee, those book royalties sure make a lot of money for both Obama and Gingrich. Interestingly, one of these three wealthiest men, Romney, Obama or Gingrich is more likely than not to be the next president.

Herman Cain, who suspended his campaign after more than a few problems with women developed, might be actually be worth as much as $6.3 million. Gee, making pizzas sure brings in the dough!

And while some people might think that Ron Paul is a little goofy, he must be crazy as a fox, because the Texas congressman is worth an estimated $4.9 million dollars. Speaking of crazy like a fox, controversial Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann is worth an estimated $3 million dollars.

Bring up the rear, there’s Gov. Rick Perry worth an estimated $2.8 million dollars and finally Rick Santorum worth an estimated $2.5 million. Rick Perry could probably use that $10,000 wager money from Romney.

As wealthy as this group of presidential candidates may seem, they are relative paupers compared to at least two presidents we had. According to Huff Post Business, our first president, George Washington was worth $525 million dollars. But, John Kennedy’s family estate was worth an estimated $1 billion dollars by comparison.

So, for as much talk as some people have about being the 99%, the voters are going to elect someone from the 1% to represent them in the White House once again in 2012. Some things never change it seems.

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