Movie Review: RAMPART

Woody Harrelson is back with one of his greatest screen performances of his career in RAMPART, a top grade police drama about the infamous Rampart corruption scandal within the Los Angeles Police Department back in 1999. Woody Harrelson plays a disgraceful and tortured, corrupt character, ,who balances his private life between his two ex-wives. Critics polled at Rotten Tomatoes gave this fine film a solid 73% approval, and with good reason. This is a gripping tale, glued together by Woody Harrelson’s fine acting.

Israeli filmmaker Oren Moverman deserves special credit here for putting together such a fine police drama about the problem plagued late 90’s anti-gang unit of the Los Angeles Police Department that eventually implicated over 70 officers in some sort of wrongdoing including evidence tampering, perjury and other crimes in their frustrated efforts to control the gang problems within the city. The City Of Los Angeles eventually had pay out $125 in damages through lawsuits to persons wronged because of this widespread misconduct scandal.

This is easily one of the best films of 2011, and has been recently released in theaters in late November. It’s certainly a notable film to watch.

The Bottom Line: One of 2011’s best films, along with the fine acting skills of great actor Woody Harrelson, easily make this a fine choice to catch at your local theater. ***(Three Stars, or a very good film by all means).

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