Alec Baldwin Pokes Fun At His Airline Problems On SNL

Maybe it was making a bad situation a little worse, maybe it wasn’t. but 30 ROCK star Alec Baldwin managed to have one of the standout moments on last night’s SNL During the news segment, Alec Baldwin displayed some fine acting as an American Airlines captain who was supposedly there to offer the actor an apology from the airlines. It was a surprise moment and indeed very funny. But, it also became the latest poke in the nose from the actor who just doesn’t seem to be able to say the last word about last week’s incidents in which he behaved like a big baby when he refused to stop playing a game on his cellphone and slammed the lavatory door on the plane, resulting in his being ejected from the flight.

BTW: Although a good episode of SNL, largely due to the comic contributions of guest host Katy Perry last night, there were far less jokes about her boobs than had been previously rumored. In the final mix, many skits were apparently cut from the show last night. Sometimes these rehearsal skits make it the Internet in a few days. You might try to Google a few of these outtake skits.

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