The Rising Adult Film Business Of Eastern Europe

Once considered a form of Western decadence, former Eastern European Communist states such as the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania are all rising production powers among adult entertainment and porn films. And while some American porn stars like Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick or Sasha Grey top the American DVD sales charts as the hottest stars, Eastern Europe has many greatly admired porn stars who have their own strong cult followings. Right now, the Czech Republic has some of the hottest rising porn stars of any nation in Europe. And with less censorship in European porn than U.S. porn, some actresses from the Czech Republic have garnered a legion of worldwide fans for some odd sexual specialty they like to perform.

Stacy Silver(sometimes spelled Stacey) from the Czech Republic has made a major breakthrough to the U.S. market. The beautiful 30 year old has signed with some major U.S. film companies such as Evil Angel and has even directed a few films as well. This intelligent actress has won many AVN awards for her work, mostly in foreign films. Some of her early work was with the controversial Czech company Kscans, which is well known for hiring notoriously beautiful women willing to perform some unusual kinky acts.

20 year old Little Caprice is a another controversial Czech porn star, who at just 5foot 1, and 90 lbs. , has a shockingly youthful looking appearance. The tiny beautiful young woman was waiting tables in the Czech Republic until a friend recommended that she become a model. Well, one thing led to another and now she has many films as well an entire website devoted to her. She also loves to blog and answer her many fans. She’s also a devoted clubber who especially loves British rock and pop. Her love of the UK has worked to her benefit as her main website is now hosted in the UK. Little Caprice loves to joke that she’s “fun sized” because of her tiny stature.

Beautiful Micheala Trmotova is an example of an actress talented enough that she could easily become a mainstream film actress if only her English was better. She’s always very nice to her fans, and on one blog in broken English she offered up a very nice comment of appreciation to her fans. Her specialty is playing a submissive role in Czech produced punishment porn films. She’s performed in a number of spanking and caning films for companies such as Lupus/RGE Films in the Czech Republic. And although acting like a perfect victim complete with tears in her films, she actually enjoys every moment of her work, and is very proud of her career. It appears that these sort of films she appears in allow her to live out some of her own sexual fantasies.

One reason that European porn has so much flourished is the far less legal production barriers than in the U.S. Only in California is there a legal distinction made between outright prostitution and appearing in a movie production with sexual scenes. While This has helped to make California the porn capital of the U.S., it also has helped mainstream movie productions to avoid any legal problems as well.

Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, the Czech Republic has become one of the largest producers of adult films in Europe, with many new cult stars coming from this former Communist land. You can expect many more in the future. Hungary and Romania are two more rising power porn states in the former Communist world.

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