Holy Christ! Ann Coulter Offers Up A New Bizarre SciFi Based Abortion Theory On Logo’s A LIST: DALLAS

Logo’s A LIST:DALLAS must be looking for a trainwreck ahead or something? It seems that Satan’s own Barbie Doll, conservative political commentator Ann Coulter had a really bizarre new political theory that she took time to espouse on an upcoming episode of the cable program. Coulter claimed that once the homosexual gene is identified, liberal yuppie parents would abort gay babies, so gay community supporters should become pro-life now to prevent these future abortions. Holy Christ! Who would even spend time thinking up such a bizarre scifi based theory about abortion?

Gee, thanks so much, Ann, for taking the very serious debate about abortion and moving it into the realm of THE TWILIGHT ZONE! Your comments sure help to clear up this serious moral and ethical debate considerably.

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  • herddog505

    Given that Chinese selectively abort female babies, apparently as a matter of national policy, why is the idea that people might abort homosexual babies (assuming such a gene exists) so far-fetched?

    And what WOULD be the response of the GLBT community to such selective abortions?

  • Anonymous

    Unless, of course, homosexuality isn’t genetic and is a lifestyle choice…

  • Paul Hooson

    I tend to agree with our man of science here, Doc Epador. But, sometimes when i see macho looking women who are gay, or feminine looking men who are gay,  I do I wonder about any genetic component sometimes. I’m not sure whether this gay sexual preference component works the same as other sexual preferences, for example some heterosexual couples enjoy practicing some sexual preferences and others not. And I know that homosexuality has been found to exist in at least 1,500 animal species as well, meaning that it appears to be a normal sexual variation in many living species with enough brainpower to select a mate.

    But, I tend to be critical of Coulter’s bizarre scifi vision here. There is plenty enough moral grounds for most persons to raise ethical opposition to at least some abortions practices without Coulter confounding this important moral and ethical debate. I just didn’t find her thoughts useful here.

    • herddog505

      How is she “confounding” the debate?  IF homosexuality is genetic and IF it becomes possible for doctors to determine that an unborn child has that genetic predisposition, then doesn’t it raise the possibility that people will selectively abort such children?  Indeed, as our knowledge of the genome progresses, is it not reasonable to expect that people will abort children for a variety of reasons?

      At any rate, I suspect that, as makindescene suggest, Coulter was speaking with her usual sarcasm to make the point: what would (mostly liberal) homosexual activists have to say to (liberal) abortionists if such a thing came to pass?  Would the gay lobby suddenly become VERY pro-life?

  • Anonymous

     Too bad you didn’t supply a clip. Sounds like she was being satirical in her comments. However if they discovered a Conservative gene, would the liberal couple abort the baby who had that gene?

    • herddog505

      Ann Coulter sarcastic???  Never!

      / sarc

  • Anonymous

    I had this discussion with a militantly gay person and it was a very convoluted argument.  First, if it there was a gene associated with being homosexual, then any research into determining whether it was found in an unborn fetus would be opposed by the LGBT community as tantamount to ethnic cleansing.  “Besides not all who have the gene would be living a gay lifestyle, being oppressed by the heteronormative majority into pigeonholes.”  Which made me ask, “So being gay is a lifestyle choice then?”  He replied, “No”.  At which point my head asploded…