Katherine Heigl on Jay Leno: Talks Tour Bus Life and Ho Baths (Photos)

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night in a Little Black Dress and killer heels. She was promoting her latest movie, New Year’s Eve which lead to Leno asking her whether or not she was hot for rock stars (considering she’s married to a Rocker and her New Year’s Eve boyfriend is Jon Bon Jovi). That lead to her talking about traveling with her husband, Josh Kelley, on his tour bus. She says its not fun.

I’ve been on the bus. Let me just try to set this up for you. It’s a tour bus. And there are these little tiny, coffin-sized bunk beds. That turns you off right away. Then there’s a tiny sitting area in the front. Then there’s a nicer bed in the back for me and Josh, that’s over the engine.

Then there’s me, his bass player, his guitar player, his drummer, his tour manager, his tech guy … it’s, like, eight guys and me. It’s smelly and it’s dirty and it’s crowded. … You can’t go the bathroom on it. You have to go to truck stops. That’s really a fun morning. When you pull up to the truck stop and you schlep out with your little bathroom kit and people are going, ‘Is that Katherine Heigl’?

She goes on to talk about taking ‘ho baths’ in the bus stops, ‘Its essentially the pits, you know, and the other bits and then you move on’.

Katherine Heigl also talks about not wanting to really go to Times Square for New Years Eve, after all, its cold and there are no bathrooms.

All in all, as Jay Leno observed, bathrooms seem very important to Heigl!

Check out the photos and the video below of Katherine Heigl on Jay Leno last night.

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