Model And Fashion Blogger Lauren Scruggs Seriously Injured In Aircraft Ground Accident

An absolutely gut-wrenching accident has horribly injured model, fashion blogger and GOSSIP GIRL wardrobe department intern, Lauren Scruggs. The beautiful 23 year old blond walked into the moving propeller while exiting a small aircraft. The Plano, TX born model had viewed some Christmas lights by air, and apparently didn’t notice that the aircraft’s propeller was still turning and exited the plane right into the path of turning propeller, chopping off her left hand, cutting into her head,causing shoulder and brain injuries, as well eye injury. It was absolutely a horrible accident. She is still alive, which seems like a miracle, but the extent of the brain injury is still unknown at this time.

Aviation experts think that it very poor procedure on the part of the pilot to allow passengers to board or deboard the aircraft with the propeller turning.

We can only wish Lauren well at this point.

The young model has faced several surgeries since the accident, and is recovering in a Texas hospital right now

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  • whatever service you’re using for those highlighted keyword pop ups, you should stop. When I moused over “brain injury”, it said “find info and prices on brain injury!”

  • Paul Hooson

    Sorry, Stevie. I’m not sure what service is set for this. But it sure highlights some odd stuff sometimes.

    As far as the story for poor Lauren goes, I feel so sorry for her. It’s times like this I wish God would come down and perform a creative miracle just to show something to mankind.