Miss USA 2010 Tweets False Statements After Her Arrest On DUI Charge

In 2010, when young Rima Fakih won the crown of MISS USA 2010, she broke the barrier by becoming the first Arab American and Muslim to win this beauty contest. Saturday morning she broke another barrier as well…..one of the first top MISS USA winners ever to be arrested. Although, alcohol is supposed to be strictly taboo in the Muslim culture and banned in many Arab states, it appears that Fakih was intoxicated to police officers who arrested her on suspicion of drunk driving in Michigan.

Fakih must be taking scandal denial lessons from former presidential candidate Herman Cain or something. She at first tweeted a public denial claiming that she wasn’t even in Michigan at the time, and that it had to be another “Fakih”, and not her. Then as more news sources such as ABC News began to report her arrest, Fakih deleted her intentionally misleading Tweets.

This seems to be the latest thing these days, get involved in some scandal, then lie about it, pretending it never ever happened. Apparently, being a lying ass sack of shit isn’t just for politicians these days. Hey, cue up that “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” song by Fishbone.

Hey, another beauty contest winner does the crown proud, huh?

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