WRONG TURN 4 BLOODY BEGINNINGS is the latest entry in this tasteless slasher horror trash series, that acts as a prequel to the other three films in the series. In this latest installment, we find One Eye, Three Fingers and Saw Tooth locked in a mental institution for the criminally insane back in 1974 as children, who are able to trigger a mass escape of the patient inmates who then go crazy murdering the staff in absurdly violent manners. It’s real gory horror trash here for sure, almost laughably violent because it’s so over-the-top disgusting.

Now move ahead to 2011, when a group of young snowmobile riders get lost and end up stranded at the long closed down insane asylum. Well, you can see all the way up Broadway where this generic slasher horror trash film is headed, can’t you? Certainly, the young folks end up disappearing, horribly murdered one by one by the insane brothers. It’s predictable, but appealing enough of a thrill ride if gore trash is your thing.

If you like your horror films sick enough that most people would lose their lunch, then this trash-o-rama direct to DVD feature is for you. And with it’s snowy Winter setting, WRONG TURN 4 makes a perfect enough Winter horror flick to curl up with a hot cup of chocolate with and a warm blanket.

The Bottom Line: Nothing really new to see here. About as predictable and routine as horror movie trash goes. But, still an enjoyable enough horror thrill ride to marginally recommend. A well produced trash film from FOX. **1/2 Two and a half stars, or a little better than fair.

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