Britney Spears Quietly Turns 30

Pop music icon, Britney Spears, spent a rather quiet 30th birthday ice skating in Houston. This is a far cry from her former reckless days of wildness, and more proof that she’s matured over the years. Only a few scant years ago, the pop star seemed headed for self-destruction, appearing on the edge of an emotional breakdown when she performed weird stunts such as shaving her head bald or flashing her private parts in public. For a time, she appeared to be a woefully unfit mother as well, But, all of this appears to be well behind her now. Everything is all well in the world of Britney Spears right now, who is deeply in love with her boyfriend, Jason Trawick.

The new, more mature Britney Spears is also giving back as well. She’s performing a free concert in Mexico City tonight. And next week she wraps her current world tour through South America.

Britney Spears had a number of well wishers who sent her heartfelt messages of joy for her joining the 30 club. These included celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, among others.

Congratulations, Britney Spears. You had us worried a few years ago. But, now you appear to be both happy and in well control of your life. That’s all well and good. Welcome to the 30 club from the gang at Wizbang Pop as well. Welcome back from the brink, Britney. The best to you, always!

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