Kirsten Dunst by the Pool in Hawaii (Photos)

Kirsten Dunst

I know, I know. When you saw the title of this article ‘Kirsten Dunst by the pool’ you were hoping for some Kirsten Dunst bikini pictures. Well, she’s not in a bikini. She’s lounging around the pool in knee length shorts, tennis shoes and a hoodie. I don’t know why. She’s in Hawaii, why does she need to be so covered up.

Kirsten Dunst photos [NSFW]

Of course, she’s isn’t shy about her body. Kirsten Dunst does nudity in Melancholia for instance.

Read more about Kirsten Dunst.

Whatever, I have liked Kirsten Dunst since she played Marie Antoinette.

Even if she’s all covered up lounging by the pool, you have to admit she’s adorable!

Enjoy the Kirsten Dunst photos below.

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