Christopher Lee: Real Life Badass

Hammer Films horror movie legendary great, Christopher Lee, not only plays a badass on-screen. He’s a real life badass as well. Christopher Lee was once part of the elite unconventional warfare Special Operations Executive group formed by Winston Churchill himself. The group also comprised of Ian Fleming among others, and served to inspire Fleming to write the James Bond series of novels, influenced by the outrageous and dangerous covert missions of the group meant to damage the Axis through extremely dangerous sabotage missions. Many of the missions were such “ungentlemanly” type of warfare that the nature of the type of extreme actions still remains classified to this day. And Christopher Lee isn’t breaking his sworn code of silence about his actions either. He remains mum on his own actions in this group.

During the war, SOE was involved in organizing resistance movements against the Nazis in countries like France and was involved in Operation Foxley, a plan to assassinate Adolf Hitler. But, Christopher Lee isn’t talking about what he did as a part of this elite British series organization that laid down the framework for the modern spy.

In the 1974 film, MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, Christopher Lee got the opportunity to relive his old spy days by starring as the villain, Scaramanga, in this great Ian Fleming big screen adaptation of a James Bond novel, which also starred Rod Stewart’s girlfriend Britt Ekland, as well the late Herve Villechaize, who later became a big part of the success of ABC TV’s FANTASY ISLAND series.

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  • Anonymous

    I actually had a patient that told me some stories about being the first real commando’s. A group of guys that had the prime mission of sabotage and cutting off supply lines while harassing the germans as much as possible. They were semi-independent and caused a lot of mischief. 
    He told me that when the korean war came about it all went goofy. Politics somehow got in the way and found themselves in trouble for doing the very thing they had been trained to do during WW2. Their group was disbanded.