Major League WTF?: Sex College Opens In Vienna

Sex class is in session in Vienna, Austria where students over 16 can enroll at a new sex school to become better lovers. The controversial new sex school isn’t without critics or some protesters. However, students seem to be enrolling at the new school, led by Swedish-born headmistress Ylva-Maria Thompson. Thompson was a presenter of erotic films on Swedish pay TV during the 1990’s and a well known erotic artist who had one art presentation with 100 cast models of women’s vaginas.

The new school is said to be the world’s first college of “applied sexuality”, according to Thompson. Well, isn’t life just grand! No word whether students can apply for financial aid to afford the 1400 British pounds tuition rate, though. And I’m not sure how the job outlook is for those that flunk out either.

And guess what, students will live in a mixed dormitory setting where they are apparently encouraged to practice their homework with each other, at least according to one report in Britain’s, THE DAILY MAIL. But, oh, my God, those finals!

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