Danny Guthrie: Michigan State University Professor Naughty Pictures With Students

Danny Guthrie with Student

Danny Guthrie is a 65-year-old Michigan State University professor who has a thing for taking naughty pictures with students. He says its art. But a lot of people have been calling it p0rn lately and there’s a big discussion going on about whether its art, p0rn or just creepy. Some people are complaining that the women are depicted as vulnerable and feminine. Personally I like being feminine, but I guess some people see that as a bad thing. Others see it as him being a person in power as the older professor, using people with little power, the young student dependent on him for their grades, as repulsive and an abuse of his power.

Guthrie admits that the pictures are not just art or political, but his own personal interest (duh!). He says he’s reached the ‘fulcrum of middle age, with the balance shifting inexorably towards decrepitude. As one ages, it is with no small sense of remorse and regret, that one comes to experience the realm of desire, romance, and carnality as existing more in the past than the future.’

I read that to mean he’s gotten to be a dirty old man who misses being more viral so he does the pictures so he can do whatever he does with them late at night. Not to mention, HE (a nerdy little professor) gets to be the object of desire in the pictures with these young women and men. And ‘middle age’? How many people live to be 130?

Michigan State University officials are defending him. I’d think that would be a dangerous position to take considering what is going on at the University of Pennsylvania and Syracuse University right now. They might want to re-think their position.

So what do you think of Danny Guthrie’s naughty photos? Are they art, p0rn or just plain creepy? Personally, I’m in the creepy camp, but that’s just me.

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  • Anonymous

    Hmm…bit of a gray area.  They are not kids.  So the Syracuse/Penn State stiff does not apply.  That shown pic is tasteful, if a bit of a ripoff of Sleeping Beauty.  The others at the USA Today are typical artsy fare. 


  • Anonymous

    Its good to be tenured!

  • Liz

    It may be a gray area, but I’m still in the it’s creepy camp.