Prince William Rescues Russian Sailors At Sea (Video)

Prince William

Flight Lt. William Wales, otherwise known as Prince William or the Duke of Cambridge, responded to a call for help from the Russian cargo ship Swanland, which reported their ship was taking on water thought to be due to a cracked hull from bad weather. Prince William is the co-pilot of a four-man helicopter rescue them that responded to the mayday call.

The Prince and his crew rescued two of the Russian sailors, one body was recovered and five sailors are still missing in the waters of the Irish Sea off North Wales.

There are said to be four RAF helicopters involved in the rescue efforts. Therefore, Prince William didn’t rescue the Russian sailors at sea by himself, but he is the one that makes the news.

What a disastrous situation for those Russian sailors. We hope the RAF is able to locate them all and they are able to survive this disaster.

Prince William Recuses Russian Sailors at Sea – Video

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