Jessica Jane Clement Says She’s Staying in a Bikini For the Rest of ‘I’m A Celebrity’ (Photos)

Jessica-Jane Clement

American readers may not be that familiar with Jessica-Jane Clement, but readers from the United Kingdom will know who she is and love the fact that she has declared she’ll have to wear a bikini for the rest of her time on the U.K. show ‘I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here’. She’s currently one of the celebrities competing in the survival-type show featuring celebrities being put into some G-d-forsaken place and having to compete with each other to stay on the island (so to speak).

Anyway, the 26-year-old Jessica-Jane Clement is known for her killer body. She’s done some modeling, some TV presenting spots and a few acting gigs. But now she’s known for wearing her bikini on the British reality show. It seems she and a fellow contestant on the show, Emily Scott are prone to talk about their boobies on the show, much to the extreme frustration of the males who are listening to their frequent tete-a-tetes about their bodies.

So Jessica-Jane was having to handle all sorts of disgusting, slimy creatures in a contest on the show the other night and ended up covered in some sort of disgusting slime – ruining her last remaining outfit. She then declared that she’d have to remain in bikinis for the duration of her time on ‘I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!’ Her statement was met with applause from her male counter-parts on the show.

You can see from the Jessica-Jane Clement bikini photos below why the guys are so happy about this turn of events!

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