Nude Protests In China Spread In Support Of Persecuted Artist

Since Chinese artist Ai Weiwei was arrested in China on vague tax charges and also political persecution for his prodemocracy views and nude website postings, many of his supporters have taken to nude protests in his support, posting their own nude photos of themselves. The Chinese government is attempting to brand Ai Weiwei’s nude photographs as pornography, whereas he views what he does as art.

Although widely regarded as a great talent among many world art critics, the Chinese government has attempted to shut down any studios he has, claiming that they are somehow illegal. Artist Ai Weiwei is becoming an inspiration to the prodemocracy movement in his country, and seems to mobilizing a growing army of support.

Strangely, Ai Weiwei’s nude protests have come about the same time as nude protests in support of a 20 year old Egyptian woman, Aliaa Magda Elmahdy. Back in 2008, Ai Weiwei was considered to be an important artistic consultant to the Bejing Olympics.

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