Bad News For Oreo Cookie Fans

If you love Oreos as much as I do, this news ought to make you livid. Not only has the Nabisco division of Kraft foods raised the average retail price of the popular cookie from $3.99 average up to $4,79, a whooping 80cent increase, but now they’ve also downsized the package as well, going from about 16.5 oz. down to about 15.5 oz. average. The new package just doesn’t look quite right. It has a far more square look compared to the longer oblong look of the old packaging.

With less product, and a higher shelf price, as well as the familiar shape[e of the package gone, part of the Oreo mystique seems to be lost here. Oreos not taste great, but they always seemed like a great value as well. They are made with higher grade products than many cookies, including real sugar as well as better oils. Some cheaper cookies use cottonseed oil, an oil made from the waste product of the cotton industry. Cottonseed oil is processed so that it isn’t toxic because it would normally contain a component used as an insecticide. Oreos always use better oils, such as palm oil in their production.

The nice thing about Oreos is that Klondike even has ice cream versions of the very popular cookie as well. And Oreo cookies now come in a wide number of mouthwatering varieties. Oreo cookies still taste as good, using just as good of ingredients as before. Now, they just cost more.

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