Wacky Websites: Like Strip Poker? You’ll Love LOSTBETSGAMES

A wacky soft porn website by the name of LOSTBETSGAMES is cashing in on the big poker craze in the U.S. with a website filled with pretty girls playing card games and other games and losing their clothes. It’s a funny and sexy answer to those long and tedious card game shows, providing a funny and harmless adult fun end result when game losers end up naked.

The site has about 38,000 unique visits a day according to the rankings by Alexa, proving that more than a few people out there want to take a peek at girls that lose strip card games. You can subscribe to LOSTBETSGAMES for about $30 a month and download enough funny and sexy videos to keep you busy for days.

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  • Hayden

    I have bookmarked your website so that I can come back & read more in the future as well. Please do keep up the quality writing.

    • Paul Hooson

      Thank you! I try very hard to make this a very entertaining Website with plenty of quirky fun each day!