Major League WTF?: Phony Doctor Performed Buttocks Enhancement With Tire Sealer

Warning: Tire sealer doesn’t make for healthy buttocks enhancements. A South Florida woman recently found this way out the hard way after she was hospitalized in serious condition after paying an unlicensed cosmetic doctor $700 for a discount buttocks enhancement procedure that left her very ill. Apparently, the phony doctor used a cocktail of ingredients that included tire sealer, cement and mineral oil, and sealed the incision up with super glue. Lucky she didn’t die from all of this.

Certainly, the phony doctor, Oneal Ron Morris, was arrested. But, not after being on the lam for some time. Unfortunately she bailed himself out of jail after posting $15,500 in bail. Let’s just hope she gives up this cosmetic surgery career.

BTW, looking at the CBS photo of Morris, you only have to ask how many cans of tire sealer she used to pump up that ass big time?

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