FOX NEWS Poll Finds Occupy Wall Street Movement Rapidly Losing Public Support

A new FOX NEWS poll has found public support rapidly eroding for the Occupy Wall Street movement. Only 33% of the U.S. voters now supports this new social movement, while 45% of the public now opposes the movement. This is an 11 point shift toward a negative view of the movement in just one month, marking one of the steepest declines in public support recorded in modern times for any new social movement.

And while a plurality of voters don’t like the Tea Party movement either, U.S. voters at least have a more favorable view of this movement than the Occupy Wall Street movement right now, supporting the Tea Party movement 43-37% as the lesser of two evils.

The Occupy Wall Street movement had begun to collect some support from mainstream labor unions and other mainstream organizations last month, but then in the last two weeks or so, the Occupy Wall Street movement began to be more characterized by homeless persons occupying public parks, window smashing, drug overdoses, sex crimes and other outrageous offenses, forcing some of the most liberal of mayors from around the country to use police dressed in riot gear to breakup illegal demonstrations by the movement. Even Portland, Oregon’s liberal mayor, Sam Adams, deciided to break up the occupation of a city park last Sunday morning when there were four near fatal drug overdoses at an illegal campsite in downtown Portland. The occupation also drove crime rates up by 39% in the area.

Thursday’s N17 events were probably a public relations disaster for the Occupy Wall Street movement when illegal demonstrations and vandalism at banks across the country made it impossible for customers to use some banks to cash checks, pay for bills or cover home mortgages, etc. Riot police had to make numerous arrests across the nation for illegal acts caused by supporters of the Occupy Wall Street organization. This marked the first day that this movement was largely viewed as lawless by many in the public thanks to the negative image the movement presented of itself with the ongoing news coverage they generated of one illegal act after another.

Only days ago, the Occupy Wall Street movement attempted to claim that they represented the interests of 99% of American citizens. But, now the average U.S. voter finds themselves more critical of this new movement than supporting of it. What started out as some legitimate concerns about dire economic conditions only days ago, has now become a directionless mess of a movement, now associated with illogical actions against just the sort of companies that hire workers, providing employment.

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