Kate Middleton Pregnant?

Kate Middleton Pregnant

Kate Middleton Pregnant?

Two U.S. tabloids are reporting that Kate Middleton is pregnant. In Touch features a photo of the Duchess of Cambridge touching her belly and Star features a story that the wife of Prince William collapsed and had to be rushed to the hospital. The evidence that the future Queen of England is pregnant is that she touched her belly in a photo, declined eating a peanut butter paste for malnourished children while visiting Copenhagen and that she drank water instead of wine at her first solo official function.

With all that evidence it’s no doubt she’s pregnant. That’s sarcasm.

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No doubt the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will want to have a child relatively soon. After all, they are both pushing 30 and there must be an heir. But there is no official statement about a pregnancy, no other publications have picked up the story and the evidence of a pregnancy is pretty flimsy. Maybe she doesn’t like peanut butter and touching her belly in one of the millions of photos taken of her is hardly evidence. Perhaps at her first solo official function she chose water over wine because she was a little nervous and wanted to keep her wits about her in order to make sure she did her best at the event. Who knows.

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A baby for William and Kate would mean that Prince Harry moves down a step in the line of succession, and wouldn’t he make an awesome king? Seriously, he’s be fun as king. But I’m sure Kate will provide Will with an heir who will eventually be king and Harry will be able to be the playboy prince the rest of his life. Too bad that Prince Charles and Camilla are next in line. Prince William would be better than Prince Charles, but Prince Harry would be best of all. I guess in the end that’s up to the British.

I’ll wait for an official announcement before I believe that Kate Middleton is pregnant and start expecting a little British heir to the throne.

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