Gary Busey Sued Over Airport Scuffle

Gary Busey

Carla Loeffler is a 57-year-old woman who has filed a lawsuit against actor Gary Busey for knocking her to the ground while he was rushing to get onto a plane in Tulsa, Oklahoma. According the the lawsuit, he was drunk. Inebriated. And was rushing to board the plane when he forcefully shoved her to the ground in order to push past her to get on the plane they were both trying to board.

Loeffler says she sustained physical injuries when Busey pushed her to the ground. She is asking for unspecified damages as a result of the incident.

In response, Gary Busey’s people say he doesn’t have a clue what this woman is talking about or who she is. His representatives say he will file a lawsuit against Loeffler for defamation of character and harassment, claiming she is a ‘professional litigant’. His representatives say that once the lawsuit is dismissed, he will turn the tables on her and sue her and her attorneys for ‘malicious prosecution’.

Gary Busey has famously suffered severe injuries and brain damage as a result of a motorcycle accident in 1988 in which he wasn’t wearing a helmet. Subsequent to that accident it is said that his ability to control his impulses was impaired and his behavior was significantly different after the accident. I have no idea if that has anything to do with this incident, but it’s worth nothing.

Watch the Gary Busey video below, Inside the Mind of Gary Busey (it’s a pretty scary place – seriously!).

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