While adult film star Jenna Jameson has achieved superstar status in mainstream porn, some actresses in smaller fetish cult films also have a strong fan base following as well. And of all the outrageous memoir books listed for sale on Amazon, one of the most unusual is one by S&M cult figure actress and model Niki Flynn. Much like the hugely popular cult figure model of the past, Bettie Page, Niki Flynn was once one of the most popular actors in fetish S&M films in the past decade.

For a few years, American Niki Flynn used to travel the world becoming a lead actress in mostly European S&M and spanking films, and used to write extensively about her experiences through a blog, maintaining a close and friendly relationship with her fans. She seemed to draw so much enjoyment from her lifestyle of traveling the world, earning good money, and gaining a cult audience of loyal fans for her willingness to appear in outrageous and unusual films. She loved playing the role of the innocent victim in fetish movies. Her youthful looks well loaned her to those sort of roles.

Many of the films that Niki Flynn appeared in were unusual period piece films. For a Czech company called Lupus Pictures, she once did a film that was an early 1900’s period piece complete with long dresses in which she played a bad schoolgirl at a girl’s private school who was called to the headmaster’s office and punished with a stiff caning as well as having her hair cut as additional punishment. Her memoir book reminisces about the numerous films she appeared in with outrageous storylines such as this particular Czech film.

Actors especially like working for Lupus Pictures. They’re a highly professional small film company that have catering with plenty of food for any film shoot. The camera work is actually heavily edited, where they take many short breaks during a shooting to check on the safety of the performers, and offer medical treatment in case anything goes wrong or real injuries are accidentally caused. Many actors have appeared in many films for the company because it’s one of the best to work for. Niki Flynn did several films for this company. It was a personal favorite employer of hers.

Niki Flynn reasoned that she was similar to an athlete who is willing to suffer some pain to enjoy their sport. She personally wrote about the sense of achievement and power she felt after suffering a painful ordeal in some kinky film. She once wrote about a sore train trip home in Eastern Europe following a particularly painful film shoot. She seemed so how proud she was of her achievement.

for a while, this popular cult figure lived in the UK with a boyfriend who used to blog about his life with her. The two apparently had a large wardrobe of period piece costumes, where she loved to dress like schoolgirl and get spanked. Niki used to have parties at the house with other attractive young girlfriends that became a sort of spanking slumber party. YouTube has a funny video posted of an anti piracy message she shot for a Scottish kinky film production company during her time in the UK.

One day at the peak of her popularity, Niki Flynn decided to move out from her British boyfriend’s place and pull down her blog. She apparently felt that her curiosity in S&M and spanking had been satisfied enough after living as a popular actress in outrageous and mysterious films for a few years. What she left behind was her book, DANCES WITH WEREWOLVES, as her testimonial memoir to her years as an actress and model in kinky films for her fans. She no longer communicates with her fans. Some even speculate whether she’s still alive.

Probably, Niki Flynn is alive and doing fine. As a young woman she was going through a phase of her life when she was doing the S&M porn films in Europe. But, like many porn actresses, Niki Flynn likely enjoyed herself for a few years, got to see the world, earned a lot of money, and decided to retire early.

No actress in the kinky arts has quite achieved the superstar status of Bettie Page from the 1950’s. But, for modern times, Niki Flynn was a big star for a number of years during this decade in cult fetish films. And her friendly style made her a fan favorite, where she seemed to really enjoy what she was doing for a number of years.

The actors in JACKASS have no problem doing outrageous and sometimes painful stunts for money. Niki Flynn seemed to be cut from the same cloth. She earned good enough money to travel the world just to shoot a film or two, and then fly off to her next shoot when her bruises and battle scars healed enough. Doing outrageous S&M stunts seemed to turn her on for a while. It was kicks for her. Then she got bored. and quit the industry. DANCES WITH WEREWOLVES is a strange testament to a dark industry and one popular entertainer in one shadowy part of the world sex industry. A very strange, and fascinating book worth one good read.

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