Shocking New Rumor Of Boy Pimping To Wealthy Penn State Donors

Reporters are now working on verifying some shocking new rumors in the Penn State sex scandal story that is much worse than ever expected. Pittsburgh radio host Mark Madden appeared on a Boston radio show claiming that news reporters are following up some leads that Jerry Sandusky also pimped out boys to some wealthy donors of Penn State besides sexual abuse of his own. The scandal resulted in the termination of legendary head football Coach Joe Paterno, and riots at the college campus in which at least one news crew truck was damaged and overturned by rioters. There is also no word whether sex was actually exchanged for donations to the school’s football program by the donors either. But, the new rumors are deeply disturbing.

Joe Paterno was the head coach at Penn State for 44 years, although his total employment at the school extended to 60 years. He was a legendary and beloved figure, which angered the students when he was fired. However, he apparently knew of the sex crimes being committed by Jerry Sandusky, but failed to report them. It was his indifference to these crimes that led to his firing from the school.

Students who participate in acts such as arson or rioting can face some very serious felony charges under Pennsylvania law.

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