Goodbye Nancy Grace… and Good Riddance

I feel sorry for those who were shocked and saddened to see Nancy Grace and her partner Tristan go home this week.  I say it’s about time!

I will admit she’s lost a lot of weight and looks better than I’ve ever seen her.  But the woman can’t dance!  If Nancy joined the show, like many of the other cast members (Ricki Lake – cough, cough) to bounce off some pounds, at least she succeeded in her quest.

With the lowest score Monday night (a 44 out of 60) she deserves to get the big dance boot.

This week she couldn’t even get on beat during her jive and looked like she was chasing Tristan instead of dancing with him.  I don’t think “unison” exists in her vocabulary.

Shestuck around way too long as far as I’m concerned, but it could have something to do with her flashing a nipple in week two (that was reason enough for me to see her go). Maybe everyone simply wanted to see the bizarre costume and music choices the pair came up with.  I think the women voted for her because she has a hot partner with a sexy accent.  I know I don’t mind watching Tristan dance, or speak with his Irish accent.  But as soon as I remember who he’s dancing with, the image is tainted.

Her slip this week was just too much for fans to overlook when the other competitors aren’t making those kinds of mistakes.  Next week is the semifinal, after all.

Len was anything but subtle in his critique Monday night, “And maybe it’s time for you to go home,” the head judge said after Tristan and Nancy performed their jive.

Who would Nancy Grace be if she didn’t put someone in a negative light, blaming the producers for showing her and Tristan arguing during rehearsals: “Regardless of how we were portrayed for [package] sound bites, we actually never argued.”

J.R. Martinez, Hope Solo, Ricki Lake, and Rob Kardashian are the remaining “celebrity” dancers set to compete in next week’s semifinal. With competition like that, Nancy had no chance of sneaking through another week.

Sarah is a regular TV and movie writer at Celebutaunt and can be found on Twitter at @sarahquesera.

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