Jerry Springer Dresses Like…. Lady Gaga?

Jerry Springer Dressed as Lady Gaga

Jerry Springer dressed as a red laced Lady Gaga is definitely the scariest Halloween costume I have ever seen. What is even more disturbing than Jerry clothed in this lingerie ensemble with an octopus/plant coming out of skull is his creepy facial expression. He not only appears extraordinarily comfortable as a platinum blonde woman, but seems to really enjoy his new look. The grin on his face and his claw-like paws are bizarrely natural, which makes me think Jerry has dressed this way before…and I don’t mean on Halloween. He just seems to be way too relaxed and at ease for this to have been his first time. Either Springer simply has a Lady Gaga/ lobster fetish or he has spent a considerable amount of time in his mother’s closet. While a Gaga obsession would be weird, it would be a lot easier to accept than the latter.

This guest post is by Edwin, an author for Celebutaunt. You can follow him on Twitter: @TheCelebutaunt.

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  • Jerry Springer in lace isn’t an image I needed in my head! lol