Bad Girl Shannon Doherty’s Bad TV Gig

Bad girl Shannon Doherty has a bad new gig. She’s hocking an Online education company called Education Connection who operate the Website. And to further worsen this situation, she undergoes a number of silly costume changes during the ad, which is designed to appeal to the unemployed who are searching for job skills so they can be employable. Usually, these sort of job training or education type ads run during either daytime or late night shows like JERRY SPRINGER,etc., designed to appeal to the unemployed who watch these shows in large numbers while everyone else actually works for a living.

It looks like Brenda Walsh(Shannon Doherty’s 90210 character) totally needs a job herself to be doing this demeaning and outrageous gig where other non-star women used to do the ad bragging that they can go to school in their pajamas. An unbelievable career fall for a once popular fixture on TV. This is as small of a return to the small screen as you can possibly get. I certainly hope that there wasn’t a line of other celebrities who had to audition for this role, and Shannon Doherty only won this role after a grueling audition process. That would be even more pathetic.

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