Another Taylor Swift Fake Nude Photo Narrowly Avoided

Thank God that LSU beat Alabama in overtime yesterday, otherwise Taylor Swift’s lawyers would probably be busy fighting another fake nude photo from the wholly irresponsible celebrity website, CELEB JIHAD, today.

After causing a big legal stir with Taylor Swift last week by publishing a photo of an young woman who looks something like Taylor Swift topless, passing it off as “maybe” Taylor Swift, the site published another outrageous fake photo-shopped picture of Taylor Swift, supposedly holding up a sign making a bet to show off her “bare pussy and tits” in a photo bet with someone called Jeff if Alabama won the big LSU-Alabama football game on Saturday.

CBS drew monster ratings for the big game, BTW.

There must be a collective sigh of relief from Taylor Swift’s camp today. At least she doesn’t have yet another fake nude photo to have to fight this week.

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