60 MINUTES Legend Andy Rooney Dead At 92

Andy Rooney, the legendary commenter for 60 MINUTES up until his retirement only a few weeks ago, his died. He was 92. Rooney had been hospitalized on Oct 25, but developed some complications during some sort of surgical procedure, the nature of which hasn’t been publicly disclosed. Although a popular fixture on 60 MINUTES, he nonetheless managed to sometimes anger with his outrageous and outspoken observations including some controversial racial and anti-gay comments. Back in 1990, Rooney was suspended from 60 MINUTES for three months without pay for some his controversial comments where equated homosexual unions with premature death. But, it was also this outrageous style and commentary that made him a fascinating commentator as well. You never knew what this old guy would come up with next. It was both bizarre and fascinating at the same time, to watch this cranky old man complain about things, passing this off as some sort of commentary. But, it became an unique feature for 60 MINUTES, and a weekly ritual for millions to watch and love and loathe at the same time.

During WWII, Rooney started his career as journalist with the U.S. Army, writing for the STARS AND STRIPES military newspaper. That was a beginning of one of the longest running careers in journalism.

Rooney was often lampooned by comics for his complaining style of commentary, yet his distinctive style made him an unique personality. Love him or hate him, Andy Rooney was a once in a generation figure for journalism and can never be replaced.

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