CELEB JIHAD must have a death wish to have their celebrity website sued out of business or something, but now they’ve run a new outrageous Taylor Swift fake photo where the singer is supposedly holding up a sign claiming that she if she loses a football bet this weekend, then she’ll allow someone named Jeff to take a nude picture of her showing her “bare pussy and tits”. Simply outrageous, CELEB JIHAD!

CELEB JIHAD seems to be aiming for some sort of made-up news genre, much like NEWS OF THE WORLD has occupied for years. That’s not good, CELEB JIHAD. You’re seriously;y cheapening journalism when you makeup news as real, if it’s not made clear that it’s only a parody, satire or joke. Outside of some comedy medium, there is no constitutional protection to libel stars or hurt their trademark.

Further, CELEB JIHAD just seems to be setting up for another round of Taylor Swift fake nudes by creating this phony bet. If the phony bet is “lost”, then some new fake nude of the singer could emerge, with Taylor Swift’s head photo-shopped on some some nude woman’s body. That’s outrageous and wrong. This is an unbelievable sequence of events, likely to come to some courtroom near you if CELEB JIHAD doesn’t back down real soon. This sort of thing passed off as journalism has hit a new low!