Herman Cain Becomes The Butt Of Late Night Comic Jokes

They say that once you become a joke on Jay Leno, it’s all over. And the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO, Herman Cain, might be feeling some heat in the kitchen now that more details and accusations about his sexual harassment problems are made public. A third woman has now emerged with some more accusations, as well as others who knew him back in the 1990’s, now claiming that he tried to invite women to his apartment, made sexual gestures, and engaged in other activity that made women feel very uncomfortable who worked around him.

Meanwhile, the late night comics are having a field day, making Herman Cain jokes each night as part of their monologue routine. For someone who is the current national Republican presidential field leader, none of this is very good news. Coincidently, the declining campaign of Gov. Rick Perry has been unfairly hit by a video of an animated speech appearance where some claim that Perry was drunk during the speech, although the real evidence says that he wasn’t. Regardless, it’s just another problem for that troubled campaign as well.

Herman Cain was a political phenomenon up until very recently, a true outsider to politics, a former top CEO businessman with a strong background in economics, who was seen as a breath of fresh air to many disenfranchised voters tired of the bad economy. Now, all of the new problems only serve to derail that campaign and aid his chief rival, Mitt Romney, although no evidence exists so far that Romney’s campaign has been behind bringing this scandal stuff up. President Obama is also the clear loser here as well, as Romney runs the strongest against him than any other GOP contender. Romney has a far better potential to win the general election than Herman Cain according to most recent polls.

Over the years, Herman Cain was also best remembered for inspirational appearance on religious programs such as Robert Schuller’s HOUR OF POWER as well. His appearance’s were so well received, that many thought, “Wow, this guy should be president!”.

Sadly, for Herman Cain, a great experience running for president has only been soiled with a bunch of old personal garbage from the past, and now late night comic jokes are making this skilled and experienced businessman a butt of their jokes. Whether Herman Cain’s campaign for president continues amid all of these problems remains to seen. Early in this political season before he gained traction as the top Republican contender, Cain actually considered quitting the race twice. Just before this sexual harassment scandal had any effect on late polls, Cain had actually increased his national GOP preference lead to 7 points over Mitt Romney, his strongest showing yet. Now, David Letterman has joked that Herman Cain has “0-0-0” chance of being elected president, a parody of Cain’s 9-9-9 tax overhaul proposal.

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