Taylor Swift At War With Website Over Claimed “Topless” Photo

Lawyers for Taylor Swift are considering their legal options as a result of a suspected hoax where a celebrity Website, Celeb Jihad, has ran a topless photo of a young woman who looks similar to the popular singer, suggesting that the photo could be Taylor Swift posing topless. A number of photo-shopped fake nudes also exist of the singer as well on other websites. Lawyers are upset that the Celeb Jihad website is misrepresenting the photo as the singer posing topless, damaging her reputation and trademark.

One tip that the photo may be a fake is a Chicago Bulls logo seen in the background. Taylor Swift was originally from Pennsylvania and probably much more likely a fan of her hometown teams.

While the real Taylor Swift is 21 years old, the age of the young woman in the photo is less certain. For this legal reason, Wizbang Pop will only run this censored version of the photo until more is known about this suspected hoax.

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  • Anonymous

    The lighting on her face vs the body and bedspread makes it a pretty clear fake, even at that crappy resolution.

  • Paul Hooson

    Thanks for your opinion here, Ravenshrike. I’m no expert on photo-shopping, myself. But, my best guess is that it’s just so me guy’s young girlfriend who looks a little like Taylor Swift in this particular pose.