Absolutely The Worst Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Please, please, please, for the love of God, avoid these cheap last minute Halloween costumes. These are the absolute worst of the worst:

The Lovely Floral Pattern Sheet Ghost: A white sheet as a cheap makeshift ghost costume works just fine. However, if the only sheets that your mom has have lovely floral patterns on them, then in the name of everything holy, please avoid this costume. A lovely floral pattern ghost costume looks so bad it almost makes Casper look positively scary by comparison. Not good.

Mom’s Lipstick Frankenstein: Using makeup from mom’s purse for a quick impromptu Frankenstein’s Monster, not only doesn’t look good, but is hard as heck to clean up the next day as it may stain the skin. Crappy as hell!

The Kitchen Tin Foil Robot: In your mind you may a great image of Robbie The Robot or even THE LOST IN SPACE Robot. But, the reality is you look like refrigerator leftovers in this terrible costume. Meatloaf, anyone?

Kitchen Utensils Wolverine: So you haven’t shaved all that much recently, so now folks are calling you, Wolverine. But, that doesn’t give you a license to come up with crappy costumes using the silverware. Hey, some folks wanna eat. Where’s a fork around here?

Radio On The Ankle As A House Arrest Child Molester: Oh, God no! Please, please, don’t tie a radio around your ankle for this very cheap costume. It’s truly frightening, though. It could lead to some real problems.

In other words, if you’re going for a last minute Halloween costume, then at least give it some thought, otherwise better to just forget about the costume this year.

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