Holly Madison is a HOT Rapunzel at Studio 54 for Halloween (Photos)

Holly Madison

Everybody’s doing Halloween this weekend because, well, its Halloween. So here is Holly Madison hosting her annual Halloween party in Las Vegas at Studio 54. She’s all dolled up in a dirndl as Rapunzel complete with ass length braided hair adorned with flowers just in case some dude wants to climb up that rope of hair for whatever treasures Holly Madison has that Hugh Hefner hasn’t already found. Or what he’s already found and used with his double-dosing viagra. Who cares who’s been there done that? She’s still gorgeous, amiright?

So the Holly’s World and Planet Hollywood Peepshow star hosted her annual Halloween party last night in Las Vegas with co-star Josh Strickland at the MGM Grand Studio 54. She dressed as Repunzel from last year’s Tangled.

Enjoy the photos of Holly Madison as Rapunzel below.

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