Lindsay Lohan Does PLAYBOY For Nearly $1 Million

Speaking of sure-fire erection killers, Lindsay Lohan just wrapped up a four day full frontal nude photo shoot for PLAYBOY yesterday. She reportedly agreed to do PLAYBOY after their $750,000 offer was increased to nearly $1 million dollars. It might be a sign that the troubled actress is beginning to hurt financially and could use the money. She also needed to wrap up the deal before her November 2, court hearing which will almost certainly put her in jail for up to a year and a half.

TMZ reported that PLAYBOY had some reason to be concerned that Lindsay Lohan might attempt some lame partially nude photo shoot, however a representative from PLAYBOY claims that a full frontal, “boobs, ass and vag”, will all be visible in the photos, which Lohan insisted be “tasteful”. However, don’t hold your breath for miracles here kids. Lohan has flashed herself in public before, and the parts of her body that have seen the light of day haven’t been very good. Some people look much better with their clothes on. That’s partially why Hollywood uses body doubles in some films.

Sometimes the sun doesn’t shine on some body parts for good reason. Otherwise, speaking, don’t expect a lot, and you won’t be disappointed. And, with sagging sales among men’s magazines, and PLAYBOY the least explicit of them all, this won’t be the best thing since sliced bread here. In, fact, this whole thing might actually set back all of the progress made against erectile dysfunction by years, rather than being all that erotic.Not many young women who abuse alcohol and drugs, who have run-ins with the law get paid almost $1 million to strut their ragged stuff. I sure hope that PLAYBOY realizes that fact.

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