Courtney Stodden BEFORE Plastic Surgery Photo: She Used to be Cute!

Courtney Stodden at 15

Coutney Stodden at 15
Before Plastic Surgery?

Another photo of a younger Courtney Stodden has been unearthed. Look at her. She is young, fresh and natural looking. That picture was obviously taken before she developed all those facial tics that have become her trademark. In fact, she used to be CUTE and could keep her eyes open!

You know, the facial tics I’m talking about. The gnawing on her lips, sticking her lips out like two hard pink crab claws, jutting her head up and looking out of the bottom of the one eye that’s not covered with that mane of ‘non-treated’ hair. I think the whole eye problem stems from the heavy make-up on her eye lids. She physically can’t keep them open. Either that or she’s having to keep herself sedated for the marital chores she’s having to perform with a man old enough to be her grandfather. Or maybe the plastic surgeons knife slipped while she was doing the thing with her mouth during surgery. Or maybe its all of the above. Who knows.

In Courtney’s before photo she is natural, cute and even soft. Now her face is hard, harsh and well just really hard with a lot of sharp edges. And her facial expressions are just plain weird. Do you think anyone has told her to stop with the facial contortions?

And another thing. Her boobs look normal as opposed to the over-sized, over-firm Victoria Beckham’s she’s sporting these days.

I know. I know. She and her mother say she’s all real from head to toe. Maybe she just matured by 50 years from the time she was 15 to when she turned 16. It could happen, I suppose.

Compare the picture of Courtney Stodden at 15-years-old to these pictures taken of her in the 2 years since then.

Below you can see a video of her and husband Doug Hutchison defending their pumpkin patch news event on ‘Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers’ (to air November 7th).

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